Fly Higher: The Courage to Live an Outstanding Life

Welcome! I am Laura Marin-Kohlbaum and for the past 7 years I am perfecting methods that help me keep a perfect balance between the various areas of my life. Every day I am woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur, community supporter and I am enjoying every single role. For you I might be the facilitator you might need in order to balance your own life. Light-self is ladylike life coaching.
This idea of Speaking Up, Standing Up and Standing Out was something I didn’t have the luxury to enjoy as a child growing up in communist Romania. We were discouraged from speaking up for what we believed in; for example, we were always taught not to share personal ideas with other people as, we might hurt our loved ones and our parents might go to prison. So, we were told to be careful about what we said or, even better, to not say anything at all. In short, we were never allowed to speak up for what we believed in.
We were told not to stand out: we weren’t allowed to read any literature outside of the given curriculum because it was viewed as a hobby, something which I loved doing as a child so I had to hide that. I am left-handed and I wasn’t allowed to write with my left hand; they would slap my hand at school or at home. So basically, I had to hide a piece of who I was. I also hated to eat meat but was forced to do so because food was hard to come by. So, everything about me and the gifts and talents that the Universe had bestowed me with was the very thing that everyone told me not to be. I was subjected to conform to the norms.
Through the years, I learned to live with this accepted form of unhappiness and mediocrity, taking it for granted. Growing up, I was told that I would be happy if I just worked hard, got a job and bought a home and a car.
And it took me a long time to realize that I had been buying into this model of society.

I had learned to accept these dysfunctional societal norms and had lost my identity during the process without even realizing it. All of this was because I didn’t Speak Up, Stand Up or Stand Out. One of the other things that we were taught was that if you ever do try to stand out, if you ever do anything outside of the norm, people would think that something is wrong with you: You must not be a rebel as rebels are not well received.
I didn’t realize that I was on auto-pilot mode, building someone else’s dreams, until my first marriage fell apart. I had repressed my unique identity by chasing this model of society without really asking myself what I really wanted my life to look like, what would make me feel happy and content.
Before my daughter was born for example, I had the feeling that maybe I wasn’t yet ready for this. But I went along with it anyway as the societal norm was that you get married, have children and settle. I was always willing to compromise because of the fear that the alternative would result in me being left alone: I didn’t want to disrupt anything, stand up for what I believed in, speak up for how I really felt and stand out in what I thought was a negative way of standing out.
And I wasn’t really willing to get out of my comfort zone and change any of that until I had my daughter. As I was waiting for her to be born, I realized I didn’t have a model of parenting to guide me through the process of raising my daughter. So, I started again to look for answers outside of myself. It wasn’t until I had to take a major decision in my life that I had the courage to stand up for what I believed in and walk away from it all; my home, my career and my country. My daughter gave me the strength to stand out and do things my way.
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When I had my daughter, I knew that I didn’t want her to live the life I have been living; I didn’t want her to learn this accepted form of unhappiness and I didn’t want her to have the same sort of pressure that I had. I wanted her to have the courage to speak up, to stand up for what she believed in and to be bold and different by standing out.

Most of all, I wanted her to be herself.
I never wanted to teach her to accept rules without questioning them; I didn’t want her to imitate what others did or to mould her life according to the expectations of others just to end up being alone in her 30s, just like me, starting from scratch without any compass to guide her. I wanted her to shine and allow her to be who she truly was; feel loved, accepted and be purely amazing in her true self. I wanted the world to be her playground and her life the canvas that she paints on, being an inspiration for others to bring more light into their lives and live it according to their talents and dreams.
And as I was opening up about all this and started questioning myself about everything, including my career path (as successful as it may have been), I started talking with other women. I soon realized I wasn’t alone in this, that there were lots of women that felt just like me, forced to stand behind the
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Especially a vast majority of these women were moms. With moms, there is always this constant struggle between your happiness and living according to the societal norms of what it means to be a mom, what you have to do to assume the role of a mom and what you have to do to be a suitable partner.

I saw so many women like me who were really sacrificing and compromising their happiness for this dysfunctional model of society or what people told them they had to be. And in an effort to model authenticity for my daughter, I started to figure out who I was, looked for the answers inside of me and for the first time in a long time, started to Speak Up, Stand Up, Stand Out and I really create a new form of happiness for myself.
That’s when I realized I have to share this with other moms in the world as well.
And as it took me 7 years to figure this out; how to discover who I truly am and live from a place of authenticity, love and light (and I’m still working on myself daily)
I wanted to dramatically shorten this process for other women who might experience the same; to be their partner in lightness and authenticity.
We are not copies of each other.
We are originals and it’s on us to live life like it matters.
So in order to support other moms in enjoying a seamless transition from any place of dissatisfaction in their life to one of great joy and authenticity,
I have created a system called “Step Into the Light” that has 3 pillars: Speak Up, Stand Up and Stand Out.
Thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life. […] But we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning. For what was great in the morning will be little at evening and what in the morning was true, at evening will have become a lie
– Dr. Wayne Dyer
If you are one of those beautiful women who feel overwhelmed and out of place, have achieved great success in your career at the cost of your relationship, especially the relationship with oneself, your significant other or your kids, and are looking for a way to significantly improve these areas of your life, enroll in a Life Transformation Coaching session that will help you bring about a change for the better.


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Join over 1,200 women that are fulfilling their dreams through authenticity and freedom of expression. Leave your name and email and we promise to send a newsletter one a week with our best transformation stories & advices.

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