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Having developed a strong career as a lawyer and being a single mother of a 6 years old boy, my main challenge was to reach the balance between my responsibilities at the office and the duty of raising a child. So, it happened many times that I lost my patience and adopted the wrong kind of behaviour in front of my child. Through her method, Laura managed to bring tranquillity and self-confidence in my life and as such I am able to control and adapt my reactions as per the situation I am facing. The time spent with Laura is a time that each human being needs, is a break in our chaotic pace meant to make us understand the real aims of our lives. Laura is a very warm person on one hand, on the other hand she is strong and really confident in her powers. I would like to come back to her life transformation sessions and I will recommend her to any of my friends.

M.R. - 41 years old
Turning towards life coaching and the type of help offered by Laura was in my case a last resort although, now thinking back, maybe it should have been among the first things to try out. I was actively trying to get pregnant for many years. I treated everything that was considered a medical problem and yet, despite all sort of fertility treatments, I still did not get pregnant. At the point of using Laura’s services I have already given up and kind of moved on. Then one day in July 201X, Laura asked me if I would like to use one of her rapid transformational therapies as to try and at least understand where the issue might be. I thought to myself ‘it will not work’ but at least I get to spend an interesting afternoon. 3 months later I found out I was pregnant and on the following spring I delivered a healthy, beautiful baby boy. In my case she helped me by putting things in a new perspective! The outcome was all the more surprising as I have some specialised studies in a field related to psychology and I regard myself as an introspective person. Moreover I kind of acknowledged before that I have an issue related to that matter. Yet I wasn’t able to identify that particular aspect or pin point how and in what area of my life it affects me. And it only took one life coaching session! Will I use the same kind of approach again? Every time I will need a rapid, clear solution to a dedicated problem.

L.M.C. - 40 years old
PR Director
I was quite a sceptical and rational person. Until I became pregnant. Then all that mattered was the tiny human I carried inside me. My mind opened. I was willing to do everything to keep him safe and sound. That’s how I said YES to hypnotherapy. I knew some things about it but I had no idea how powerful and helpful it can be. After a severe bleeding during my 7th month of pregnancy, I started having doubts that I could make it till the end. Laura made sure I did. She gave me confidence and helped me through this process. I no longer had any problems during pregnancy, carried my baby to term, to 40 weeks, and gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy. So my advice to all the sceptical people and mothers out there looking for a solution to whatever problem they might have? Open your eyes and your mind. The world offers so many amazing things and, trust me, Laura's Step Into the Light process is one of them.

Cristiana P. - 31 years old
Creative Director

I went to Laura as to see if she could help me in conceiving a baby, especially that I was pretty sure there were some emotional issues that were blocking my efforts. Results showed up almost immediately as I discovered some fears that were blocking my efforts. Together with Laura I dealt with them, worked on the healing part, too, and my life (personal and professional) improved tangibly. I found the overall journey to be amazing, beyond any limits especially that I found Laura to be very involved and very, really very powerful. Even my unconscious knows that. I would continue working with her and recommend her without any doubt.

Alina - 39 years old

Marketing Manager
My overall life was spinning out of control. Or at least so it seemed. I was lacking self-confidence, my health was weak, work and family life were very unbalanced, fears were overcoming me and my entire existence seemed to crumble. Subconsciously I felt that I must do something and so the universe heard my call and brought me Laura. During each life coaching session I had revelations, I managed to see beyond problems: who am I, what I want to get and be thankful for what I have. I found answers to my problems and I learnt to solve them, to love myself and be kind and understanding with the people around me. In the end I realised that I am living the life I want. I discovered that nothing can affect my serenity and deep state of peace with myself and others. I loved every minute of our sessions but most of all I was really fascinated by how Laura was able to adapt her Step Into the Light process to my needs. I was most impressed about her knowledge and ability into spotting an issue from limited and cloudy information and then guide me into clarifying and solving the issue. Simply said, she is amazing! She is honest, dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic. She has a strong will and yet she is patient and reliable, when she says she’ll do something, she keeps her word. She’s also very supportive, sharing her knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who needs it. I am still working with Laura and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs more precision in life.

Mirabela - 38 years old
Media Director
There was a bit of time that I was dreaming about setting up my own business. Everyday my business model improved, grew and got better. Problem was that it only did so in my mind as something was holding me back and I wanted to explore what was that. So I set up a meeting with Laura and with her help I began to see where my insecurity and lack of confidence were coming from. Together we walked through the process of uncovering and healing the experiences that triggered those feelings, having a huge positive impact on my personal and professional life. The whole journey was a wonderful and insightful experience that brought me closer to my inner self, offering me a clearer perspective and a more profound understanding of my problems. Laura is a wonderful, caring and determined human being, with a special inner light that spreads into the outside world unconditionally and I am so grateful to her for the gentle and confident way she guided and supported me throughout the process. I do believe Laura is a true partner for anyone looking for guidance in getting to know themselves, overcoming their barriers and increasing self esteem.

Cristina - 32 years old
I have decided to quit an unhealthy habit and I was sure that a good life coach could help me achieve this goal. Before taking this decision I was reading a lot about hypnosis and about different therapies and so I was convinced that hypnotherapy is the best approach to quitting. Moreover as I knew Laura very well, I was sure that if somebody could help me is her because she is very serious, very professional, very intelligent and kind and I also knew she is an experienced and knowledgeable professional and personal life coach. The positive results were instant and after the first session I realised that I didn't have the mood to go on with my addiction. Before I was able to give up definitively I was supposed to listen to the ‘healthy story’ that Laura made for me every day, for at least 30 days. Unfortunately, due to my line of work it was impossible to listen the story every day but when I have time and I manage to do my homework and listen to the story I manage to stay away from my addiction. The experience was new and unique to me, I was capable to remember a lot of things from my childhood and I experienced a lot of positive emotions reconnecting with myself. Our coaching sessions continue as I know that I have to solve a lot of issues with myself. Laura knows exactly how to make you feel comfortable and confident. She just relaxes you with her sweet and kind attitude. Exactly what I was looking for. For me it is very important and helpful to try and know myself a bit better and at the same time fix some of the problems I have with myself, with my past and with some anxieties that I have. I definitely recommend her because I had great results. I think is important to say that before I hired her services, I have tried a lot of therapies for the same issue and I never obtained a good result. For me she is really, really good.

F.M. - 35 years old

I approached Laura having a long term overeating problem. At that point I felt like my inner beliefs (I won’t succeed, it’s too hard, I better go watch TV) that I had for more than 20 years, were ‘threatened’ by a weak but stubborn feeling that I have to change something. After the first session I felt like I can do it, that this time I can get to the bottom of it. But the desired result came at the end of the journey when I was able to curb the cheating temptation. That is every time I feel like cheating a bit – have an extra bite, have that forbidden cake etc – I was able to think about my objectives, the fact that I will still have the food that I want to eat at my disposal all my life, even after my latest diets, even now but I choose to eat healthy. And I often succeeded to come back on track and stick to my targeted portion. The overall experience was nice, relaxing, empowering and after working with Laura any challenge seemed easier to tackle, without minimizing it. Laura is trustworthy and delicate, she transmits confidence and eagerness to help you. More importantly she is THERE with you, every step of the way. I would and I already have recommend her to all my beloved ones who wanted to improve the quality of their life and find their purpose.

Ileana - 38 years old
Software Tester
I decided to get help when I realised I was not on the right track. I felt constantly tired, anxious, being afraid of lots of things. Although I didn’t have reasons to feel that fear (I had a roof above my head, food to eat, clothes to wear, we were healthy – me and my daughter), I began to have panic attacks. I tried to figure out where they were coming from, what was I afraid of, and I found out that I was afraid of death (If I were to die, what would happen to Maria, my daughter, as I am a single mom).
I have had some NLP therapy sessions before I started working with Laura and I solved an emotional attachment and several issues I had regarding my personal life, I became very grateful for my life. When I went to Laura we worked my relationship with my brother, as we don’t get along very well (and I didn’t understand why he didn’t like me, help me, approve my choices and my lifestyle) and he was able to support me (my mother died 10 years ago and my father cannot help me and financially support us) but he doesn’t.
I succeed in figuring out that I am the only one in charge with my life and my daughter’s, that I have many reasons to stay alive and I managed to get rid of those panic attacks. Laura is a very kind, loving and supporting person, she helped me see how strong and full of love I am, and this experience made me realise that I am the one responsible for everything that happens to me and for what I am and for the way my life is. I would highly recommend her life coaching process to anyone who struggles with personal issues, as she is capable of conducting it in a professional, caring manner and she can deal with any kind of problems someone could have.

Ramona - 37 years old
I called Laura for help at a moment when everything in my life seemed to go wrong. Yet I was not a novice in trying to deal with those problems but all the motivation, self-improvement and inner discovering sessions were getting me nowhere.Working with Laura gave me first strength to continue my efforts and to believe that my life will get better. Most of all, she helped me feel again that I am a wonderful person, one totally worth of being loved and that I am capable of having happy, healthy and beautiful thoughts. The meetings we had felt like journeys into my life, with its good and bad parts, but always ending in a sense of relief, increased self-confidence and a happier I. She is a beautiful soul and I will for sure call her again when needed. But for now I am one happy, changed, strong woman and I can and definitely recommend Laura to anyone and not just in bad times.

A.S. - 32 years old

Account Manager
The Universe has a magical and curious way of working – and Laura stepped into my life in an utterly unexpected way. In fact we met, for a brief moment at the A-Fest in Mexico, where we were asked to give an “anonymous gift” to strangers in the room. I was the lucky person, or possibly the chosen person, to receive a hypnotherapy session from Laura.
I have for many years had my reservations about hypnotherapy, and then the thought of doing it across distance via the phone, seemed even harder to understand. But I received her gift with curious expectancy – until Laura and I had agreed on a time to have a session together.
With my eyes closed, Laura talked me into a deep chamber within myself. She facilitated a “going-back” and helped me correct certain moments in my past that kept me suppressed all these years later. It was liberating, and deeply intimate.
After the hypnotherapy session, Laura sent me a audio-visualisation – which spoke directly to me. I have been listening to it for many days after, which has allowed me to feel connected not only to myself, but also to Laura. She uncovered a pearl of truth within me, that has been covered for so long, and I now stand taller within myself, living with more confidence and purpose.
Laura is a “safe place” to go to for inner healing. Thank you.

L.H. - 39 years old
Documentary Film Producer
Happy New Year, Laura! For us this is going to be a happy new year (happy months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds and moments) one reason for this is that we met you and you changed our lives in unimaginable ways.
The desire to know the path to follow, of the various life options that I have, led me to approach Laura. Laura, professionally helped me discover a long buried and hidden side of me. Working with her helped reignite the dynamite in me. Working with Laura was life transforming. How could one describe the wonder attached to meeting your real self. It was liberating. I was and still am speechless. I feel more alive and ready to live as me. I got to know and meet myself. I now fearlessly express my gifts and talents in the world.
Laura is a very professional, kind and patient person that has the energy and creates an environment conducive for transformation. In addition, I was impressed by the way she treats her clients; with respect par excellence. I would work with Laura anytime and definitely recommend my best friends and the people dearest to me to work with her. Thank you so much Laura. You are a legend!

Financial challenges led me to seek Laura’s assistance. From the first time I started talking to her, her listening abilities provided me the comfort of sharing my innermost fears and hurts. I started going a healing process.
As I went through the hypnotherapy sessions I felt like I travelled years back into time and I was finally able to get things right. As I listened to her recordings daily, I felt my strength being restored and I started seeing the truth. The truth that it is possible to have financial freedom. My mind is now more open to financial opportunities. So far I have been offered great financial opportunities by friends and people I hardly knew. I feel that my mind is now open to a whole new world of financial abundance!
I had an amazing experience working with Laura. She helped me to confront some limiting beliefs that I had held on to for so long. Now I believe more in myself and in what I can do! I feel limitless! Laura is one of the most kind hearted, empathetic, open minded and professional people you could ever meet! I would definitely work with her again and would most gladly recommend her to someone else. She delivers the results and is someone you can lean on throughout your success journey!

Petronella - 28 years old
"Transformational coaches are very different from motivational or inspirational or informational speakers who are there to excite you, insight you, but a transformational coach is going to the dark places with you by the hand and coach you out of it, into a brighter light. "
Lisa Nichols



After trying various possible solutions myself and serving in multiple corporate roles and capacities, working with hundreds of people in the process, my “Step Into the Light” proprietary method is focused on designing your ideal future while reconciling the past to enjoy the fastest results.
  • Increase self esteem and self confidence
  • Clients take control of their lives and transform those areas they would love to improve
  • Belief in people and their extraordinary resilience power
  • Highlights the great value in every person
  • Truly passionate about bringing greatness to the surface
  • Unique blend of 17 years experience and state-of-the-art techniques
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Join over 1,200 women that are fulfilling their dreams through authenticity and freedom of expression. Leave your name and email and we promise to send a newsletter one a week with our best transformation stories & advices.

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