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Day 16 of 39 – Be honest with yourself, nobody’s watching!

Due to historical reasons both collective as well as cultural, most of my generation grew up with lots of “no”s or all kind of other restrictions. As such, without us knowing we self-impose limitations and give ourselves “no”s without looking too much for a solution. Hence we do not trust ourselves to dream bigger and […]
Woman radiance hacks - 39 Days of Hacking Body and Mind

Day 14 of 39 – Radiate yourself, Ladies!

There are many ways in which we can influence how to stay young but in the areas of body, eating the right fats is a great starting point. It’s again one of my tried and adopted simple hacks. Right fats from my perspective are: coconut oil, coconut butter, cocoa butter, ghee butter, olive oil, olives, […]
Sense of peace and ease

Day 13 of 39 – Just breath

Deeply and consciously, without doing anything else. Sense of peace and ease, following “The Iceman” technique. I have been to countless self-development seminars and I have yet to find one that does not stress the importance of breathing. From all the breathing techniques out there my favorite ones are those proposed by Kundalini Yoga and […]
Body movement

Day 12 of 39 – Move that body

Overwork the muscles to exhaustion in a very short time span and then give them proper recovery time. Some train @ home hacks, based on science Many of us, myself included do not feel that they have enough time to do proper exercise. It happened more than once to make a gym subscription and show […]

39 days of Hacking Body and Mind

In the area of body, I dare say I’ve tried most of it: from being forced to eat as a child stuff that I didn’t like to over indulging myself as a teenager, to severe dieting in my youth years, to the confusion of all information around me and how to distinguish between what’s good and what doesn’t work for me. Little did I know back then that the best answers are not to be found outside only but really by carefully listening to oneself and paying attention to the reactions to various foods, triggers, people, environments and truly listening to one’s heart...

Detox Time

Some of us, many of us, heard at least once about detox and if you go on Google and just put detox you will get millions of results and most of them are about detoxifying our bodies: strategies, recipes, diets, quick fixes and so on. So the fair conclusion for me at least is that a big percentage of the population is very interested in knowing or maybe even doing body detoxes, usually when the spring starts and beginning of fall. And it definitely has its role and I will leave it to the experts to talk about it knowing that I had my share of trials with this topic through the years. What I want to challenge you to consider today is a different type of detox: a mental detox! That kind of detox where we look at our beliefs, at our prejudices, at our thoughts and challenge the truth in them. That kind of assessment that makes us sit down with ourselves and just figure out how all ....

Fly higher, the courage to live an outstanding life

When I was 32 years old I was viewed as very successful by the rules in the books of society: successful in my job running the operations of several companies and leading hundreds of people, completing an MBA, earning good money, having a “picture perfect” family. So far so good, right? And now, here comes […]

New Year Resolution

This year I proclaim that I am nourishing my Soul, feed my mind and cherish my body This year I proclaim that I adore my family, am grateful for my friends and devoted to uplifting everyone around me This year I proclaim myself the creator of my destiny, a giver versus a taker and an […]

Tales of an expat mom

In research for my article I was having a look regarding how people might view expats all over the world. And it really is diverse, trending from “they are so lucky” (as if work, determination and taking the risk to just do it has nothing to do with it) to “they should have the decency […]

Step into the Light!

I never write or speak about myself and yet here I am in front of the blank page ready to share with you, the amazing women out there some of my most intimate secrets. By the end of the story you will understand why. Most specialists in human emotions would agree that among the Top […]